10th July 2016

Another Shizentai Rumble done! Great day! Very proud of all our amazing kids/Judokas for competing amazingly with smiles on their faces.

29th May – 3rd June 2016

Had a great time at the Cromer Judo Course. Football matches, skate boarding, dog walking, arcades and lots of good food along with 5 days of Judo. Huge congratulations to all who graded on the Friday of the Course!! Asante, Kondwani, Robert, Peter & Grace... some fab fights and lovely Ippons!! Also well done to Tori, Lisa, Jemma, Damien, Lily and Aleke for working hard throughout the week. Last but not least... Well done to chief instructor Ricky, who beat his line up and was awarded his 5th dan (youngest in the BJC)! Amazing end to a lovely week!!

21st May 2016

Well done to Bob and Ricky who travelled to Sardina ahead and competed in the European Kata Championship. Amazing performance – just shy of the medals.

1st May 2016

Big well done to all who entered the BJC British Open Nationals today, especially to Kondwani who just moved up into the next weight group. Results as follows:

Aleke - 3rd Bronze
Kondwani – Fifth
Lily - 4th Bronze
Lillie – 4th Bronze
Grace 3rd Bronze
Piotr – 5th
Jemma – 4th Bronze
Tori – 1st Gold

13th March 2016

Huge well done to everyone who was shortlisted and won an award at the British Judo Council annual awards. Kondwani won Junior Judoka of the year, Ricky & Bob won Achievement award in kata and Lisa won coach of the year - special needs. Fantastic achievements!!

6th March 2016

Fab day at the BJC Kata Nationals... Gold for Lisa & Tori in senior Juno Kata, Gold for Robert & Ricky in senior Kime No Kata, Gold for Jonathan and Tori in senior Nage No Kata, Silver for Asante & Jemma in senior Juno Kata, Gold for Kondwani & Grace in junior Nage No Kata, Gold for Lily and Lillie in junior Juno Kata, Gold for Grace and Aleke in in Katame No kata... Amazing results!!!

22nd February 2016

Well done to coaches Ricky, Robert, Tori and Lisa on their amazing performances of Juno Kata and Kime No Kata at the Belgium EJU European Kata tournament.

10th Dec 2015

Well done to Nick!! First name on the Ashley Gaitely Memorial Sheild! Awarded for attitude, hard work and dedication to Judo.

22nd November 2015

Huge well done to Lee, Aleke, Kondwani, Lily, Grace, Lillie, Gemma and Asante for doing fab at the BJC Nationals!! Gold for Kondwani, silver for Gemma, silver for Lily, bronze for Lillie, bronze for Asante, bronze for Grace... and two amazing performances from Aleke and Lee in large categories. Proud coaches!!!

4th October 2015

Great result for Shizentai Judo at British Open Kata Championships!! Gold for Grace and Kondwani, Gold for Lily and Lillie, Gold for Ricky and Robert & Silver for Lisa and Tori. Well done all!! 3 pairs of British champions!!

21st September 2015

Ricky & Bob competing at the World Kata Championships! Great performance!

28th June 2015

Shizentai hosted their Annual Rumble receiving over 180 entries. Everyone from Shizentai competed like warriors and made the coaches very proud. Well done to everyone, especially those with no previous competition experience!!

22nd-24th May 2015

Ricky and Bob went off to Belgium for the European Kata Championships after being selected by the BJA. They gave an amazing performance, unfortunately no medals this time. They have been selected to go to Amsterdam in September for the World Championships. WELL DONE!

19th-24th May 2015

Shizentai Judo went to Cromer for the yearly training course and grading. Everyone trained hard and had time to enjoy the sunshine and ice-cream. Well done Lisa for getting her 1st Dan!

9th May 2015

Four brave Shizentai Warriors went to the Rush Judo Club for a competition. They did amazing and came home with 3 bronze medals and 1 silver. Well done Lillie, Jake, Ben and Kristian.

3rd May 2015

Four brave Shizentai children entered the BJC Open Internationals. Some very tough fights and categories but they all showed determination and skill throughout. Well done Kondwani, Aleke, Lily and Grace. Well done to coach Tori too who also had some very tough fights.

1st March 2015

Lovely day at BJC Kata Nationals. Amazing results!! 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Everyone did amazing and all the hard work is paying off. Well done to Lisa Gaitely, Ricky Cleevley, Bob Cleevely, Tori Cleevely, Lily Fensom-Green, Grace Fensom-Green, Kondwani Mbisa, Asante Mbisa, Sophie Ault and Lillie Silverstein.

23rd November 2014

Coach Tori Cleevely and Grace Fensom-Green traveled to compete in the BJC Closed nationals. They both faced some tough fights and gave performances to be proud of!!

9th November 2014

Fantastic day at the BJA Open Kata Championships! Many medals collected! Well done all who competed!!

22nd May 2014

Coach Tori and Kondwani entered the BJC Open National Championships. For Tori it was her first competition as a Dan grade. She did extremely well and got a well deserved Gold medal. For Kondwani this was his first Open Nationals. After 4 very tough fights he came away with a very well earned Silver and just 3 points away from the Gold! Amazing achievements!

22nd February 2014

Hugee well done to those who entered Rush Judo Competition! You all did extremely well! Results as follows:

Lily Fenson-Green - Gold
Archie Grant - Silver
Grace Fensom-Green - Bronze
Aimee - Bronze
Dylan - Bronze
Aleke Mbisa - Bronze
Lex - Bronze
Jason Clark - Bronze
Damian Keller - Bronze
Asante Mbisa - Bronze
Robert Keller - Bronze
Peter Keller - Bronze

2nd February 2014

Huge well done to all those who entered that BJC National Kata Tournament today. Some excellent performances!! Results as follows:

Bob & Ricky - Gold
Lisa & Tori - Gold
Bradley & Aleke - Gold
Robert & Sophie A - Gold
Kondwani & Liam - Silver
Robert & Peter - Silver
Grace & Abigail-Kate - Silver
James & Sophie M - Silver
Daniel & Peter - Silver
Lily & Damian - Bronze
Luke & Isaac - Bronze

24th November 2013

Coach Ricky Cleevely came out on top with a Gold medal in Kime No Kata at the BJA Kata Championships with his partner (and dad) Bob Cleevely. Coach Tori Cleevely also gained a bronze and silver medal with her partner.

17th November 2013

Five brave kids entered the nationals today with the expectation to have fun and do their best. Not only did they do that but they all came away with a national medal. Well done Peter, Robert, Daniel, Kondwani and Lily!! You all did amazing!! Also big well done to coach Tori.

Robert Keller - Silver
Daniel stryjecki - Silver
Kondwani Mbisa - Bronze
Robert Keller- Bronze
Lily Fensom-Green - Bronze

23rd June 2013

On Sunday 23rd of June, four Judoka entered the Hertfordshire Schools competition. This competition is for experienced players and is very difficult to medal in.

Kondwani Mbisa - Gold
Robert Keller- Gold
Damian Keller - Silver
Peter Keller - Bronze

19th May 2013

Shizentai held their second Rumble on 19th May. All those who entered did brilliantly and Shizentai claimed a lot of medals resulting in a lot of smiles!

12th May 2013

On 12th May two Judoka entered the Hertfordshire Closed competition. Whilst fighting other Judoka years and grades above them they stood their ground and displayed some excellent Judo.

Robert Keller – Silver & Spirit of Judo award
Damian Keller - Bronze

18th November 2012

Five Shizentai Judoka went to the BJC National Championships. For three it was their first and they did amazing. Everyone managed to bring home a well deserved medal. Some brilliant Judo displayed!!!

Robert Keller – Gold and National Champion 2012
Peter Keller – Silver
Alan Kirk – Silver
Michael Keller – Bronze
Tori Cleevely – Bronze

21st October 2012

Shizentai travelled in force to Didcot to take place in the White Horse Judo Competition. All did fantasticly! Results are as follows…

Damian Keller – Gold
Robert Keller – Gold
Kondwani Mbisa – Silver
Michael Keller – Silver
Lilly Fensom-Green - Silver
Peter Keller – Silver
Lisa-Marie Gaitely – Bronze
Bradley Strickland – Bronze
Freya Bigland – Bronze
Liam welsh – Bronze
Grace Fensom-Green – Bronze
Maddie Bigland – Bronze

White Horse Judo Competition

24th September 2012

Shizentai had a visit from Torch bearer Mark Lawrie who ran the Wimbledon stretch.

 Torch bearer Mark Lawrie

17th June 2012 - Shizentai Rumble

Shizentai held their first competition and did extremely well!! Well done all!! Results are as follows…

Grace Fensom-Green – GOLD
Damian Keller – SILVER
Lilly Fensom-Green – BRONZE
Abigail Tyson-Brown – BRONZE
Quinn Lilico – BRONZE
Georgie Thomas – BRONZE
Liam Welch – BRONZE
Bradley Strickland – BRONZE

Daniel Stryjecki – GOLD
Robert Keller - GOLD
Sophie Ault – SILVER
Hazel Snowball – BRONZE
Piotor Keller – BRONZE

Kelly Taylor - GOLD
Micheal Keller – SILVER

Damian holdDaniel holdPeter holdSophie and Hazel on ground
Grace vs AbiJustin fightingLiam and BradleyLilly fighting
Quin in actionBradley and LiamDamian and QuinDaniel
GeorgieGrace getting medalHazel and SophieLilly Grace and Abi

5th March 2012 - Open Evening

First Ever Throw!

On Monday 5th March Shizentai Judo club opened. The turnout was great and had loads of people of all ages sign up to join the club. Borehamwood councillors showed their support as did police community support officers. Coaches and various Judoka from local clubs showed a demonstration on what Judo is all about. A great night!!
Let the Judo commence!!!