Junior and Senior Class Head Coach and Chief Instructor
Ricky Cleevely 4th Dan
Ricky as chief instructor is in charge of the overall club teaching standard. He has coached and practiced at other local clubs for many years and has trained up a number of students at national and international level as well as gaining these awards himself. He has recently travelled to Belgium with Team GB and competed in the European Kata Championsips, he is going to the world championships this year also as he has again been selected to represent GB. Ricky has completed a safeguarding children course as well as first aid.

Age: 26
Job: Carpenter
Favourite Food: Chinese food
Favourite film: Fast and furious collection
Favourite place: Anywhere I can ski
Favourite things: My Judo kit and tools

Primary Class Head Coach, Club Secretary, Club Chair and Welfare Officer
Lisa-Marie Gaitely - 1st Dan
Lisa-Marie has been doing Judo from the age of Six. She has been running a primary class for 8 years. She also competes herself and has achieved many medal at at National and International level. Lisa is also a welfare officer and is trained in safeguarding and protecting children and adults in need. Lisa is also first aid qualified.

Age: 24
Job: Mental Health Nurse / Therapist
Favourite Food: Paell & Afternoon Tea
Favourite film: Marvel Films
Favourite place: Lapland & Disneyland
Favourite things: Travelling, Family, My job

Club Coach
Tori Cleevely - 1st Dan

Age: 17
Job: Plumber
Favourite Food: Chicken Katsu Curry
Favourite film: Billy Elliot
Favourite place: America & Canada
Favourite things: Motocross, Football, Shopping, Holiday, Friends

Club Coach
Bob Cleevely - 3rd Dan

Age: Ancient
Job: Metal basher
Favourite Food: Mum's Steak and Kidney Suet Pud
Favourite film: Mary Poppins
Favourite place: SH6098954379
Favourite things: Peace and quiet

Junior Coach
Kondwani Mbisa - 3rd Kyu

Age: 11
Job: Student
Favourite Food: Pomegranate and Pinapple
Favourite film: Big Hero 6
Favourite place: The Dojo
Favourite things: Judo, Football and Christmas

Club Welfare Officer
Georgina Mbisa
Georgina is a qualified teacher who is trained in safeguarding and is Shizentai's main welfare officer. Georgina is available most club nights. If you have any concerns or safeguarding matters then please approach her.

Age: Secret
Job: Teacher
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite film: Polar Express
Favourite place: The beach in Guernsey
Favourite things: Friends and family

Club Treasurer and Admin officer
Jackie Gaitely
Jackie is the main club admin officer. She is at every session collecting subs.

Age: A lady never tells
Favourite Food: Roast dinner
Favourite film: White Christmas
Favourite place: York
Favourite things: Being with family

Club Admin Officer
Carly Gaitely
Carly helps the club out at competitions and club gradings. She is also helping the club achieve club mark status.

Age: 28
Job: Primary School Teacher
Favourite Food: CHOCOLATE
Favourite film: James Bond Films
Favourite place: Tesco's Chocolate aisle
Favourite things: Friends and family